The Donkey Republic bike-share system

Donkey Republic is a public bike share built on the hub-centric model for the distribution of bikes. The system is designed in Europe, for the needs of European cities, where an efficient use of the public space and the ability for the municipality and city representatives to monitor the bike-share operations are imperative.

Our goal is to make urban transportation simple and more sustainable, as well as to make city life in general better for everyone.

Donkey Republic’s headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, also known as heaven of urban cycling. Here is where our management, technical, marketing, customer support, sales and operations teams sit.

Benefits of the Donkey Republic system

For the city:

1. Local authorities can control the use of public space, easily monitor locations and communicate with us to influence fleet distribution and growth.

2. Parking locations are discussed with local municipalities and chosen based on:

  • impact on the accessibility of public space
  • pressure on parking capacity
  • connectivity to other transport services
  • convenient spaces to access the bikes
  • demand from users or the municipality

3. Our model requires fewer bikes to operate an effective system and allows for a more organic growth based on utilisation rates and demand at specific locations.

4. Fewer bikes get lost or are left at unsuitable locations.

5. Operators are more efficient in checking and maintaining bikes regularly, because there are fewer locations to visit. That also leads to less pollution and congestion due to maintenance vehicles driving around.



For the citizens:

1. Users can count on bikes being available at specific locations, which are updated and can be checked in real time in the app.

2. The quality of the bikes is superior. They are light, comfortable 3- or 7-gear city bikes similar to privately-owned bikes in the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany.

3. The system serves multiple types of users: city residents – with different membership plans based on the frequency of usage, and visitors – with features such as group booking and the possibility to keep the bike for their entire visit.

Keeping the bike for longer is a unique benefit for all users. It’s a convenient middle way between bike ownership and pure bike sharing.

With free-floating systems, locking the bike would end the rental and make it available for new users. By comparison, a Donkey bike can be locked multiple times during a longer rental, so the user has it waiting when they get out of work / the supermarket / the cinema. This is especially important for people who are used to having their own bike and need to count on it to be with them throughout the day.

Do you want a sustainable bike-share system in your city?

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