The technology behind

The Donkey Republic system is enabled by the communication between a mobile app and an electronic ring lock placed on the bike, via a low energy Bluetooth connection.


The Rider app

The Donkey Republic app for riders (available on Apple App Store and Google Play) helps users create their account, find and rent bikes, unlock and lock their rented bike, switch bikes, extend and end a rental, or sign up for special memberships available locally.

The fleet management system

The fleet management system consists of the Owner app and an online admin dashboard. They help local operators manage their bike fleet, have an overview of parking locations, rentals, revenue, utilisation rates, issues with bikes and other performance statistics (e.g. cancelation rates, customer satisfaction rates).


Features in the owner app, which helps operators track bikes and locations on the go


A heat map with “Unlock” events from the rider app in Berlin

The bike lock

Each of our electronic ring locks, developed with the Dutch company AXA and our own software, is connected to a bike in the system, which in turn assigns each bike to a pick-up location, i.e. a geo-location registered with coordinates in our system.

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